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The Bankers Took Our Money

Life’s not fair, kids.

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Mr M said

Movement to Contact put me onto your song here about banks, having listened to my “Tainted Money” track. Totally different approach by you here, and I like the way this track rolls along, pointing out the wrongs of bankers in an innocent way! Good track.

Mike Mclaren said

I like the lyrics. Nice work.

Movement To Contact said

Still one of my favorite RPM songs man…and albums.

another cultural landslide said

A uke protest song…BRILLIANT!

thetworegs said

your on the money………

Endicott Road said

Disturbingly true. I’m not sure this is the stuff of nursery rhymes. I don’t think I’ll sing this to my kids.

stoman said

Very good, downloaded. :)

Sandy Gritt said

mmmmm beans on toast. Good song, nice uke!

Movement To Contact said

:) Love it.

Keith Landry said

HA! “Our government are all bankers, too!”

Keith Landry said

Colin, this truly is a magnificent album. “Why are we eating beans on toast?” Brilliant!… an outstanding commentary on the financial world!