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The Nonsense Song

Probably the oddest recording I’ve ever made.

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Mike Grunert said


Letter Seventeen said

Hah! What a fabulous song to start my day with! Great work, Colin.

Keith Landry said

Just back again to listen to this brilliant piece of insanity. How can I fave something multiple times? Is there a super-fave button? GREAT song! Especially love the bridge with the backing harmonies.

Just plain brilliant.

another cultural landslide said

I absolutely live this track! Too cute!

Endicott Road said

This Chipmunks has invaded your website! Quick, call the gerbils in tuxedos!
Loved the song. Another good laugh.

Keith Landry said

You really MUST post the lyrics to this!!!

stoman said

What a ridiculously GREAT song! :D

Peter Fedofsky said

It’s like Tiny Tim on helium!! I love it.

Djörk said

really great and creative song, but now it’s totally stuck in my head, damn you :)

AMUC said

Totally agree with the Gumbo – this needs a music video, with low budget puppets.

Thomas F said

Truly inspired and original. And really damn catchy too!

Sandy Gritt said

hahahahaha! yabba dabba doo! wwoh that’s incredible!

Movement To Contact said

My wife made this her ringtone on her phone. I had to fav it.

A Bit More Better Productions said

uve pulled off something ive been gravitating towards for some time cf:- siam aar karya ay chorus to Killed Off The Lead!

newbold said

binky and a gumpy gue

Guest said

I Believe that I need to change my skivies as i seem to have soiled mine by listening to this song!

Keith Landry said

…And just back again to listen to this piece of healthy insanity… God those harmonies are outstanding!!!

Gumbo said

Can’t wait for the video !!

AMUC said

This completely rocks. Definitely is one of those ‘brainworm’ sort of tunes that I’ll be humming at work for the next three weeks.

Keith Landry said


Gumbo said


kavin. said

Funny. The chipmunks go to Hawaii

thetworegs said

yeah sing it Colin sing it…….