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Random Acts Of Kindness

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#RPM Challenge 2013#

I was standing behind an elderly couple in the grocery store checkout line last week.

The cashier told them that someone had donated $100 toward their groceries. $100 had already been paid toward their $121 grocery bill . . . anonymously.

It happened right in front of me
With grace delivered flawlessly
I suspect it may be true
Who gave them this, they never knew

I was just a step away
Confused at first, a slight delay
A moment passed, then realized
They received a nice surprise

Random acts of kindness, a special thing to see
Makes me think a little more bout how I’d like to be
These random acts of kindness, an inspiring thing
I don’t think I’ll soon forget the joy it seemed to bring

I walked away, we never spoke
But something deep inside me woke
I felt as happy as can be
As if it were for me

It seemed to open up my eyes
Suddenly I realized
It’s more about the journey than
The place where we all hope to end

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Gene Eric Mann said

This one is sooooo sweet!

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Gene Eric Mann said


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Dirty Spirits said

another sweet song. well done.

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Roger M. Harris said

Another good one Greg

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Ron said

You are a writing stop Tin Pan Alley for you...(are they still doing that?) put you in a 4x6 room and let you pump out tunes all day till you get a # outstanding Greg!!

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richardlaceves said

beautiful story and wonderful music,,,wish they could all be this way,,, your playing and vocals are stellar! r

Guest said

More good work, Greg. Inspiring and neat to know that there are people like that out there. Good job of putting it into song!

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Robert Palomo said


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terrysongs said

great poem, delivering the goods in mutable ways.

Guest said

Sweet swing and clear delivery. That is more like i"d like to be. Faved and stared and sincerly enjoyed "Random Acts of Kindness"

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Andrew Russe said

Very tasty intro. You're getting some fab guitar sounds. Love the "Makes me think a little more bout how I’d like to be" line. And that solo is simply spot on - simple is best :)