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Put On Your Party Dress

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#2 for RPM Challenge 2013

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Gene Eric Mann said


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Merry Bear said


Guest said

I like the distorted, fuzzy overdrive guitar over the clean sound. Nicely recorded vocals.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Party on! I like that grungy guitar. Really enjoyed the beat -- this song is a lot of fun.

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Roger M. Harris said

Love it Greg

Guest said

Really nice job :) I love the SG Std w/P90s!

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Wildgeas Music said

Great guitar playing man. Classic rock and roll. Fun lyrics too.

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Andrew Russe said

Ooo yeah...

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JR James said

Oh yeah....good ole rock n roll from Highway 61

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Ron said

My kind of song.....we need to start a band and play everything you can write like this one! ...outstanding guitar picking!!! ...more please

Guest said

Well, Greg That made me Put on my "Party Dress"

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kirklynch said

Nice! Dig those fuzzed out guitars in the background. Sweet groove!

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Robert Palomo said

B.B. Connor!

Guest said

funky sound. I like it!

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terrysongs said

A slight departure from the usual Greg . nice easy groove though and wrap around sound.