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Save Ourselves For The Wedding Day

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Steve Krell (SLKrell) and I have been feuding over the same girlfriend for a while now. In fact, there are several songs about her on Alonetone. Here is the latest in the story:

SLKrell says it’s a drag
Rosie made him pack his bag
Always knew he was filled with sin
Now he’s out and I am in

It tickles me right up inside
Rosie wants to be my bride
She’ll say she do and I do too
We hop in bed screaming “I Love You”

Tequila and a bite of lime
Let’s go practice one more time
Love so hot, there’s just no way
Save ourselves for the wedding day

SLKrell, she screams his name
It really drives me quite insane
No idea what to do
He’s coming to the wedding too

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slkrell said

Well "PAL" I ll see you at the wedding !!!! slkrell

Radio Roswell's avatar
Radio Roswell said

Perfect guitar tones and complementing vocals.. A wonderful progression with cinematic soundtrack feel.

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

im really enjoying this song. jealous of your song writing effort.

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Andrew Russe said

This is a wonderful track. "Always knew he was filled with sin Now he’s out and I am in" Class!

Guest said

Well,Thatsgot to be why I got this wedding invite. Are sure you want me to be "Best Man"

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terrysongs said

You get the 23 palms award

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Dream Estate said

Love it Greg!

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Ron said

Does Rita know about this Rosie chic? You better let me handle this!!! ...Isn't she the famous "Rosie Palm" ?...and her five sisters!!!!!whoo hoo I love it ..another outstanding track!

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JR James said

Like this alot. Nice to listen too.