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Rose of Las Cruces

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Love is where you find it.

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James Michael Taylor said

If Texas Water had heard this when we were in our hayday (sic) we would have done this one up in three-part harmony. I'm sitting here singing along. Great song for a Fort Worth Saloon.

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Robert Palomo said

Every now and again I just have to come back for a dose of Rosie. She just makes me smile.

Guest said

Let us hope that love don't end. Ha ha!

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Hey Greg... taking a winter vacation this year and will be going to Las Cruces!!! Can I buy Rosie a beer? :-D :-D

Guest said

Love this... 300 lbs of love that can hold her liquor. What more can a guy ask for?

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Andrew Russe said

Oh YES - this is mighty mighty fine.

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Robert Palomo said

I will love this song as long as love don't end!

Guest said

A favorite of mine, Back for more

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Lake Fork Verne said

This is still one of my favorites!! Such a good idea and performance....

Guest said

cool too.

Guest said

Hey Do you know Rose too?