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Who Knew (Out At S.M.U.)

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True life story of a creepy humanities teacher that hit on our high school girl friend….slept with another, lost his job.

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thetworegs said

Got a Zappa dirty water vibe from this one ... Good one gents

Guest said

Velvet Underground weatherman music....smokeyyy

Guest said


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Nick P said

Love the guitars, and the dreamy vocals :)

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slkrell said

Good story telling

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Radio Roswell said

what a super guitarastic vibe !

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Greg Connor said

Great Beginning! Very inviting to listen to. It just pulled me in. Excellent contribution to the Song Writing Challenge! Added to the Playlist:

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Andrew Russe said

Wow - that really grew on me.

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Colleen Dillon said

Somehow you guys make even creepy subject matter sound happy! Love the vibe on this. Who Knew that this challenge would bring out such different stories in every song's approach to the topic. Great one!

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Going Up said

Ha...great story!