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Mating Call

Greg Connor

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My contribution to the “Spring Time” songs posted on the Forum.


Spring time comes, the Robins sing
And love is in the air
Rain falls down, the flowers bloom
Romance everywhere

Listen and you’ll hear sound
That lonely mating call
Two hearts in the lost and found
Love will conquer all

I noticed you across the way
I saw you look at me
Makes me tremble with desire
Love is all I see

Love is such a potent thing
No one can deny
So when you hear that mating call
Don’t let it pass you by

Guest said

hey Greg, saw you on the sg forum and thought I'd stop by to check out some of your songs. Good stuff and can tell the lyrics are well thought out and flute was nice touch on this one

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Smile smile smile

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Such sad sounding music with such happy words...

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Gotta love the whistle ... sounds like springtime in Ireland!! outstanding as usual

Guest said

Ah Greg, such a lovely song. Beautifully done! Happy belated birthday!

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said


Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

A beauty Greg, Great lyrics. And yes it was a 12 string & Spring is here. It's blinding weather here, 16 degrees C, wall to wall sunshine.

CMOR's avatar
CMOR said

This is beautiful!! In Holland, where I have been all winter, is just now beginning to warm up... I'm feeling the vibe now, so will see what happens!

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Lisa D said

This is a lovely song ... very poetic! And the guitars and whistle sound so clean, light and clear - very apt for a springtime song.

Guest said

Hi, Greg, Am enjoying the Challange already. Its not about who wins, of coures I might not say that if you hadent blown my tune away with "Mating Call" iGreat production and Musicianship.. Good one Friend

Ron's avatar
Ron said

you are a flute/whistle playin MoFo........can you play alto sax on my springtime soul tune? Great tune Greg!!!

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