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well I thiiink it was one of the maaaany times in which we would go down to the pMundo beach by the river build a fire, burn one (a couple) down and jam out loud, where I came up with this beautiful chord progression. It was then about a week later where I recorded it and sung just freestyle gibberish over it then left it for a while. I then returned to that recording on a train ride from boston to new york. It was such an amazng train ride and it inspired me to finish the lyrics, melody and the outline of the song. Thats how it happened.
super exciting.
one of those had to be there things.

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Wildgeas Music said

Damn fine tune. I'll meet you by the river.

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am/fm dreams said

great song..beautiful, soulful vocals...well done

Guest said

Tender and superb!

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kavin. said

Thanks for commenting. I missed these when they first came thru, good songwriting and arrangements. Keep on!

Guest said

u have a great voice. Thanks for sharing this amazing song derived from great times. You convey that energy perfectly. Piano is sweet at about 2:16. I hope you play out...cuz you would do great.

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Norm said

Nice work - I love the accordian in this one too.

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kirklynch said

Nice song! Great vocals!

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Jason Earls said

nice voice, cool harmonies.

Guest said

Great song.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very cool.

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