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Change Of Luck

Endicott Road

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This is the most hopeful of the songs on the new album. I just decided one day to say “to hell with it, they’re not gonna get me down!”.

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Dweeb said

Hope everything worked out for you!

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Domestic Robot said

this reminds me of The Magnetic Fields... if you don't know them, you should check it.

Guest said

Changes for the Best of course.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Well done on all these! The key change in this piece fit very well both musically and with the theme. Congrats on another sucessful RPM. I wish I could be running the victory lap with all my friends there.

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Colin Garvey said

Your album was a joy to listen to. Well done mate!

Guest said

Ah, great turnaround! Is it the album closer?

Guest said

That's the attitude, don't let the what nots grind you down. I like the way you often draw from life for your lyrics. Good song.

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launched said

Cool song - I thought the organ solo was a nice touch.

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