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The Didgeridoo Song

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just over three minutes of circular breathing (breathing in and out simultaneously) on the didgeridoo, a single take.

Guest said

ok thanks for narrowing down the search. I do recall you saying that you took piano lessons..but would have preferred to take theory at the time.

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glu said

hahaha Yes.. swords and coffee beans, the essential household items.. what a bad omission on my part! Thanks!

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Wildgeas Music said

@ G-man. You forgot swords. You play the swords too :D

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glu said

maybe a good place to start is 'brainstorms' playlist to check out stuff I've played. It certainly can be difficult navigating through the pages. cheers, and thanks for the question!

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glu said

I'm not sure what you've heard or not, but I always specify in the track descriptio when someone else is playing something, and I usually list the instrumentation when it's more than synth+drum programming. If all you've heard are songs with samples from other folks then you haven't heard much... the majority of tunes with real instruments are performed by me. You may here me playing any of the following: two acoustic guitars, electric guitar (usually played with a bow) violin, fretless bass, 7 different bamboo flutes, 4 clay flutes, didgeridoo, kalimba, I was borrowing two tablas and a tambourine from a friend but I had to return them. Also play the kitchen sink, keys, pots and pans, hooves and other household items. DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be good at any of these instruments! :-)

Guest said

out of curiousity...what instruments do you play? I think all I have heard on your songs are samples and other people playing? Not sure because you have so much stuff! cya.

Guest said

did you do this? ALL IN ONE TAKE? wow man...

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brando said

Great new tracks. I'm looking forward to delving back into alonetone soon.

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kirklynch said

Very cool- love that sound

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Greg Albrecht said


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Red vs Blue said

nice didg manipulation!! Care to collab? I could turn this into a pretty nasty bassline

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate love the didg great sound

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another cultural landslide said

This is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I'M IN AWE! W;-)

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jefwashere said

I was always amazed by your talent to play so many different instruments, especially the didge!