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Glu Makes You Coffee

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and you didn’t even have to spend the night to get it.
another one from the morning sessions…

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Wildgeas Music said

:D Good to the last drop!

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yelyah said

Where on earth do you come up with this stuff? I'm in awe.

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Gilbert Neilson said

Turning Coffee into a song, great! I love coffee and this song. I'm glad it's not just a recording of you making the stuff. :)

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Lyndell said

Apparently, I need to buy better coffee. Mine is not this inspiring.

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drakonis said

There's nothing like hot coffee, and this is nothing like any hot coffee I've ever had (maybe because I don't usually get it in my ears.) The first few seconds made me smile, and as the inventively rich aural brew took over my senses, the smile overflowed my mug. This was a very fun interlude, beautifully beat-chopped and tastefully presented... and as with all coffee, it was over too soon (I'd suggest a teeny bit of a different ending, not so abrupt, perhaps?) Loved this.

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brando said

Damn! No wonder this is "kicking ass". I'm glad that piece uses a french press. It's more potent that way.

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another cultural landslide said

Genius. Pure, absolute GENIUS. k

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another cultural landslide said

OMG...BRILLIANT! You are a master! w;-)

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-t. said

eheh. turn that water into a beat! reminds me a bit of "Eat a Cookie". altho different. and not the same.


i'll bring the scones! Nothing beats Glu coffee!

Guest said

ummmmmmmmmmmm ! Compelling! mum

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Lalo Oceja said

hey thanks glu!

Guest said

I love coffee!

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Mr Sandbags said

There is something truly awesome about a track about and from making coffee :)