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The Romantic Anesthesiologist

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The psyche is a weird place, I’ll just talk about it musically.

The piece begins with the sounds of Sudara’s autoharp, the weeping woodwind sounds of the clarinetist from Megafauna Lacrymosa , and a low kick-like percussive sound, which is a field recording of fireworks from this year’s U.S. Independence Day celebration. The clarinet is quickly followed by a recording of a 747’s machinery noise (recorded from inside the jet, near the wing), and then followed by a similar sounding elephant sample. Pay attention to the interplay between these three motifs as they dance around the tune.

Okay, so that should summarize the first 14 seconds.
Here’s what follows:

:14 field recording of me slapping my lap outside, you can hear the birds in a background, happily chirping after a morning thunderstorm. Also at this time you will hear the entry of a new percussion part- this is a stereo recording of me drumming in the kitchen sink (rinse panned to left, washing portion panned right).

:29 in comes the central kick and snare rhythm, lap slapping is briefly tweaked with sweeping EQ automation

01:05 the jet sounds comes back, with automated resonators that bring out a natural melody that fits nicely with the entry of a synth pad.

1:11 pots and pans enter the mix to add to the rhythm; the lap slapping sample is sidechained with the main kick and snare beat, so when you do not hear the kick and snare, you hear the lap slapping.

1:40 the song makes room for a melody derived from a hang drum sample, recorded by Sudara. The sample was a single hit on the hang drum- I made it chromatic so that I could play a melody with it.

2:15 elephant solo! accompanied by clarinet and morphed into the sound of the jet engine.

Special thanks to Sudara and Megafauna Lacrymosa for some of the samples, and to MMi for forwarding me some information on sidechaining. Oh, and Montgomeru, for once telling me to throw something to ‘the other side.’

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Norm said

This is totally awesome. Very creative. Thanks!

Guest said

pretty cool.

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Lalo Oceja said

glu, please get something from my music and transform it into something cool of your own style.. it would be great to hear what you get

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Mannequin Races said

That's a great title for a song! I think I'm jealous of that one! Nice mix and lovely haunting sounds. Really great slow groove.

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Lord Sluk said

fuck yea!

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Lalo Oceja said

I love the names of your songs! :)

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dj num izisoundsystem said

really cool... just dunno how ya find the time... very prolific producer and always top quality sounds and production great stuff

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kkmd said

That's. Just. Great. Thank you for the music.

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coldberg said

some pretty crazy lounge , almost trippy ;o

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

WOW!! Yes. You- the master of the texture/beat/sound narrative. Yes. Thanks. wow

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Johnny Stone said

A very cool tune well done Glu. Some interesting sounds mate.

Guest said

Thanks man! you are all GLU. love the 24 track!

Guest said

You have just won the Cartier Diamond Encrusted Dog's Bollocks Award for Most Original Transition of Unpromising Material into Melodious Gold. El Ploffe.

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Mannequin Races said

Thanks for posting the song description. Very interesting. Extremely original. Well done, bravo!

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yelyah said

Wow. I am always amazed at how you can blend all of these unrelated elements into a very musical sounding track. How do you do it?? :)

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Wildgeas Music said

I've beat on a lot of things, but the kitchen sink? Amazing.

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Chris McGrath said

sounds better every time I listen to it

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kirklynch said

That is just too damn cool man! Loved the elephant solo especially!

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jefwashere said

very creative! you are the AUDIO ALCHEMIST!!!

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mmi said

I say again, you're my hero.