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Wake Up Computer I May Need You

Uploaded .

close your eyes and imagine a glu concert– what does it look like? describe this fake show to me… what would you want to see?

Oh, almost forgot. Many sounds, like these pretty cellos were found on freesound. I did manipulate the pitch on some notes to fit this tune. Also found applause on freesound, because I need to record my own…. someday, if I get off my lazy behind and put together a live production :(

OH I did forget…. I hijacked Sister Savage’s voice and sprinkled it subtly into the eye of the song…

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Lalo Oceja said

I see a very creative man, glu, you are so very creative... I liked it

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dougsparling said

Nice...I've been away from alonetone wa too long.

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Mr. Napkinhead said

very nice. the orchestra at the beginning was really cool. hooray for downloading and manipulating sound effects from the interwebs (that's how I got the rain in "Rainy Day). anyway, I like it, the whole thing flows very well.

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dj num izisoundsystem said

really like the orchestra tuning up before hand like the intro to fantasia (ya know walt)like space age meets an ancient tribe cool

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Oh My Goodness said

i would want to see a rotating stage.

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another cultural landslide said


Guest said

i love how naturally the beat comes in, and you have so many production touches and little details that really lend to the 'computer' feel. this is pretty inspiring. the audience response sounds incredibly natural, as well. i have an instant resentment to computer generated vocals, though. :) your use of high frequencies is really reminiscent of iannis xenakis, especially 'diamorphoses.' the song l0v3drug brings to mind some alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto works. i think it's the treble. you are great at separating instruments and ensuring no frequencies sound muddled.

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jefwashere said

awww snap! making it hard for me to chisel down this suggested live playlist!

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ic42 said

a circle stage suspended on glowing sparks. the crowd slowly floats around, watching the performance arts. the holographic orchestra sputters into view. the sole performer enters, it is glu. the music turns to rainbow mist, and becomes the audience. it is a beautiful show, visual music. 0x0


Oh...well...this is brilliant!!! Love love love it. Something from the radio playlist of Blade Runner. Exceptional work on this one here glu.