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When Our Eyes Meet Digitally


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just a chill tune, made to sound like warm analog love. Props to you if you can hear the elephant sounds throughout the track. ;)

Guest said

Fave'd - mighty mighty nice... love this.

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kirklynch said

Missed this one- great stuff on a rainy morning!

childhoodsend's avatar
childhoodsend said

really liked the kyboards

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Erik Spangler said

so chill. great sound

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jennifer said

Aw, glu! Man. I've been missing out on your excellent output. Sorry to be absent from alonetone so long. (Been working my a$$ off.) This is terrific. Listening for the that whispery, swishy rainy sound that motors through here. Great atmosphere.

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Sudara said

Damn, that's some heavy verb on that "snare"! This is smooooooth, glu, thanks for the pop and crackle.

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J dY Stamp said

Very nice

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another cultural landslide said

Oh Yeah...another GREAT track!

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Richard Hardrick said

Another good travel...

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