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If You Steered By The Stars


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Remedies are funny things. You want to get better but you don’t want to change.

This is now a minimally tidied up version of this track 18/3/09

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Johnny Stone said

I dig your sound nice track mate

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Keith Landry said

As always, Gumbo, just terrific musicianship! Holy friggin' Woody Guthrie reincarnated!

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Jack Merlot said

Eloquent, tuneful and moving - I look forward to perusing the back catalog you've assembled here. How're things in your neck of the woods? Glad to see you're keeping busy. Look for a PM from me soon. - Jack Merlot

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate and thanks for your comment. Nice guitars

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Orphans said

Nice - i like - clever lyrics and great guitar work

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A Bit More Better Productions said

I cant believe how this one crept in! I was walking home and pow.. suddenly I'm hummin it. Was a slow burner for me and enjoyed other tracks on the album much more on first listen but yeah.. its class. And it wont leave me head!

Guest said

Oh joy! Hello to the Rockabilly contingency!

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tim mcfate said

slow quick, quick slow... i love that line. nice to see you here. was wondering when you would get here

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