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Throw em to the Sharks (Pirate Song)


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This was written and recorded on 19th September 05
aka International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2005 ( a wet afternoon as I recall) and is posted here so you start to get the hint.

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another cultural landslide said

Aye matey!

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thetworegs said

makes my old timber shiver me harty.......

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Gumbo said

Aarr! Me hearties, tis the day you've all been waiting for this long year, fast approaching off the starboard bow. Break out the grog, Mr mate, and accompany me in a song if you will. And the Plank for anyone who don't sing in tune! There's a youtube for this now and not a minute too soon!

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kavin. said


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Gumbo said

Thanks Kirk, that's fine by me! Pirate Day is a right laugh, and a good excuse for a fun song. Sister - that's fine by me, too LOL thankee. It was a few years ago - I'm a lot more decrepit, now, of course.

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kirklynch said

Sorry- can't agree with SS about you sounding sexy- you ain't my type!, but this a very cool track. I was wondering the date of international talk like a pirate day!

Guest said

You sound really sexy.

Guest said

With a title like that, this shouldn't be feelgood, but damn it is! ARHHHHH!

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