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Its Not Here (Demo)

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I found this while doing some clearing out. Its the only demo me and a friend Ben Price recorded when we were briefly looking to form a band in about 2005/2006. Listening back to it, strained vocals aside I kinda liked it so thought I should give it a home. Ben now manages the World from an office in London.. whilst I just about manage. :)

I’m not all you need but I am
All you’ve got.
I’m not a remedy
But I can patch you up.

All you need
It’s not here. It’s not here
All you need
It’s not here. It’s not here at all.

I’m not what i seem
But i am all they’re not
I’m not evergreen
but i can make it up

All you need.
It’s not here It’s not here
All you need.
It’s not here. It’s not here at all.

I’m not a happy soul
But I can bring you luck
I’m not anyone
but i am ‘not’.

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Gary Fox said

I like where this is going Alex

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The Checkers Speech said

Love the fuzzy guitar in the background ... takes me back to Rubber Soul and early CSNY! Great chord structure and vocals too ...

Guest said

shades of neil...great !

Guest said

Alex! Great tune, like the guitars too!

Guest said

Alex, I like this but you need to bring your voice forward in the mix some. I want to be able to hear your words. J MT

Guest said


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Minibar Madness said

Good to hear you're still at it!

Guest said

Hey Alex, nice to hear something "new" and something that you did with Ben! I knew you were working on stuff together at one point so this is a real treat! Any more?

Guest said

It's really more than a demo Alex, very nice indeed.