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Jezebel - Iron and Wine Cover

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This is the first cover song I’ve ever really recorded in my 15 years of playing and recording.

The guitar and voice are each full continuous takes, I didn’t want to do comping (copy and pasting), though the vocal harmony parts were done in sections because they were impossible as all hell.

I have an incredible amount of respect for Sam Beam after attempting to record this tune. He is an absolutely gifted and amazing singer. Going back and listening to the original was overwhelmingly humbling to me.

Guest said

This is wonderful. Can't find the dadgad tab for this

Guest said

Very pleasant! Nice guitar playing and a soothing voice.

Guest said

Listening to this again and loving it--!

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice cover. :)

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

Absolutely perfect.

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dougsparling said

Brilliant arrangement...great listen. Favoriting.

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Keith Landry said

Very nice! Great guitarwork (and excellently delicate vocals)... The opening brings me back to old Simon and Garfunkel in just about every way. Well done, Sudara!

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Norm said

Totally pro. Nice cover.

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Colin Garvey said

Ther are some tracks I wish I could favourite more than once. I absolutely love this.

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henky said


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olifante said

Beautiful singing.

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ghostly said

A really lovely song. My only experience of Iron and Wine was their album with Calexico which is amazing so will check out more!

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Emotional Evolution said

i really like your music!

Guest said

Yes! Very nice G-M

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Piscean Dream Band said

Great acoustic recording! Great performance! I've never heard of Iron and Wine before. I'll have to check Samuel Beam out. Fantastic!

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mmi said

Dude. Stunning. I wish Iron & Wine's CDs were recorded this well.

Guest said

love it

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Oh My Goodness said

such a great sound. such a great take.

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J dY Stamp said

So nice song! like it!

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another cultural landslide said

One of my favorite Sam Beam songs - and you do it more than justice - an absolutely beautiful cover, and an immaculate recording. Outstanding.

Guest said

What a coincidence! I was listening to a Iron and Wine cover from Kina Grannis ( today and now I discovered you did one, too. Good work! Martin

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Richard Hardrick said

wow... this is a great song man. Really a good work.

Guest said

Nice cover, man. Really good version. Would love to hear more.

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Benjamin Wuamett said

dear man, you just get better and better

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jennifer said

Big Iron and Wine fan. Nice work Su! Sweet corners in your voice.

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Colin Garvey said

Wow! I didn't know you were a singer as well...


Beautiful. A great great thing...

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Johnny Stone said

Thats nice I have never heard this one before

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andy hentz said

Jeez Su - this sounds beautiful - at the risk of sounding like a broken record I want to say how great your voice has gotten, you've tamed that beast! I just about wet my drawers when the harmonies kicked in!

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Lalo Oceja said

very cool

Guest said

Granmardie says 'that's not the Jezebel song I know'. But she sat with me and we both enjoyed so much the haunting melody. I especially like (love) your accompaniment to your voice. I wonder how you flesh it all out with bell-like sounds. I really really enjoy your rendition. Granshad

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childhoodsend said

This is one of my favorite songs and this is a very beautiful rendition. Loverly....

Guest said

This is one of my favorite songs and this is a beautiful rendition. Loverly!!!

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another cultural landslide said

Oh just keep amazing us! This is BEAUTIFUL!

Guest said

BRAVO! I knew it. x