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Time to Relax

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Poured myself a small cup of acoustic guitar, half finger picking, half ebow. Nothing fancy, nothing magical, nothing fantastical, just something to relax through.

Guest said

Does what it says on the tin, I'm relaxed. Love it.

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Guest said

also very beautiful. Like your style.

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Richard Hardrick said

:) beautiful, really relaxing

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geowesh said

Wonderful. Serene.

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corbinSound said


Guest said

it's such a cute song! :]

Guest said

Oldie but Goodie! Thank you Mr. Sudara for giving us a place like alonetone. We all appreciate you very much.

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good stuff.

Guest said

this is lovely

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hey guy.

Guest said

hey guy.

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Soar said

Hey there! This is one lovely song and I'm not saying that cause you're the boss lol nice work!

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richardlaceves said

gentle flow,,, pretty in a soft relaxing way

Guest said

a real purdy one.

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Revise said

perfect music for where i am at right now, thanks!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Wow... This is Superb Chill Track! Hits all of the right tones to make me float away into a dream world!

Guest said

So pretty, very, very nice.

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Memoir said

Great sound - on all of these tracks really. Really well recorded and mastered.

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sixmilewide said

Title says it all - very sweet. So laid back it's parazontal!!

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Richard Hardrick said

Thanks for the magical feeling!!!

Guest said

nice, Su. -$

Guest said

hey there. I suppose you haven't had time to check out the I'll ask you where I know you wont miss it. Was wondering why I can't get into the chat all the sudden? Was also wondering if it's possible to get a virus from mp3 downloads? What kind of security do you use here?

Guest said

Oh now, this is gorgeous! It's all the things you said it isn't!

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Wildgeas Music said

Very nice!

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kirklynch said

Wonderful! Love the ebow on the acoustic

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very relaxing

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childhoodsend said

dreamy and song provoking...

Guest said

Defiantly relaxing.

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another cultural landslide said

Wendy here - I LOVE IT! w;-)

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another cultural landslide said

You highly underestimate this track - simple, pretty and very solid. Me likee a lot. ;) And it's about time you posted a new piece! (Yeah, like we're one to talk...)

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Breaking Light said

Very very nice!

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mmi said

I've been waiting for a long time to hear the ebow on the acoustic. Definitely does not disappoint. Super cool sound and super cool track.

Guest said

Lovely - really effortlessly lovely.

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glu said

perfect relaxation indeed. Love it