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I’m learning to ‘listen’ to the ‘flow’ of life all around me and not get so caught up in little things that don’t really matter.
Learning to enjoy! Life is good…

The river runs
and i look into it
i see myself
in a million faces there
i’m always changing shape

it’s not a matter of sink or swim

cause if i listen long enough
i will hear you and i will follow your way
for you know me well
and you will bring me home again
this i have felt

I’ll take the plunge
no longer torn apart
there’s freedom here
i am one with this gentle current
it is my watery road

it’s not a matter of sink or swim

for you, you enter my mouth
you flow through my viens
you, you enter my wounds
soothing my pain
i’m no longer the same.

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Johnny Stone said

This is beautiful mate very cool.

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SonicLuke said

This is it. I am downloading all I can into my iPod. :) You've got a real gift bro. God bless you.

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ic42 said

Very gentle guitar work and rolling chords that buoy and support your nice flowing singing... really matches well to the idea of 'river'. Calming and heartwarming. Well done. ttfn, Drakonis

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henky said

the "about" of this song has strong meaning to everyone i think. it's a truly great song.

Guest said

this is a very powerful song

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Richard Hardrick said

Excellent track... One of my favs...

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as generously as you do ye great tunes. 'so nice, man.

Guest said

melody like a winding river

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Anthony Sweet said

Hello friends...Just wanted to say a thankyou to all of you who left words of encouragement on my wall. This really means alot to me and I will continue sharing what comes with all of you. Much peace on your journeys.

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kirklynch said

Great song man!!

Guest said

sudara turned me on to your tracks.. keep it up! I like how the chord changes keep fading into one another. there is a beautiful wisdom here. hope you are well.

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JV & Veejay said

The gentle touch you have on this track is swoon-worthy.

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Mitchell white said

hey antoine! i miss you desperatly! im not doing to great ive had my heart broken and have kinda been in a bad place lately and its been really reflected in my music but on the positive ive been writting alot latley and that makes me feel great, im not putting alot of it up though im not sure im ready yet, but ya we deffinitly need to get a drink together my regular schedual is tue-sunday but i work saturday and sunday mornings so i can come in in the afternoon

Guest said

Hey Anthony, I listened to a bunch of your music this morning. The music is excellent, the lyrics poignant and moving. You take your listeners on an emotional/musical journey. Powerful. Thanks for the trip! Cal

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another cultural landslide said

Anthony - another BRILLIANT track from you! I always look forward to you! w;-)

Guest said

Beautiful, delicate, sweeeet.

Guest said

Wow Anthony, it's been a long time since I heard you perform, really good job man !!!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

like the sentiment of this a lot. The hook is subtle but really grabs hold. vocal reminds me of tim buckley for some reason. great stuff anthony. ps. if u fully figure out how to let go of things that dont matter.. tell me your secret! The song blocked it temporarily.. but WHY WONT PEOPLE INDICATE!! :)

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Sudara said

I've got this cranked up, blasting through the house. Thanks!