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MK Ultra

Raimondi Custom Guitars

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Experimental synth madness

Guest said

..just keep playing this on a loop as I lay in the isolation tank. Mind-slave madness! How ya doin', James?

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Just Jane said

This is... interesting... I wish I could favourite I.O.C's comment too lol

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Let Them Eat Bass said

Your song had the most curious side effect. I found myself wearing all leopard print, and making hand gestures at the sun. As I stumbled from the Masonic Lodge, covered in the semen of lonely old men, I knew then. You truly were an agent of the Illuminati, and I had fell prey to your programming.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Yes it is a YouRock MIDI controller into comp via USB. Controls VSTi instruments loaded in your DAW. For this one and another song I just uploaded called The HAARP effect I used a free VSTi called Minimoog.

Guest said

My com had a break down and just fixed in time to dive into Mk Ultra. is that a guitar midi controller? I would like to get into more keys without novicing a key board. This swirls nicely packed with positive energy...I like it!

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richardlaceves said

really cool,, great mix of percussion and key,,, very fun!!

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Nosda Cariad said

From the sound of it, you must be referring to the supposedly secret MK Ultra project? - interesting sonic transposition.

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Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

Hey James ... the lead synth sounds almost retro but played very experimentally agains the cool tribal beats. I like the way the synth pans around your head in the soundscape. I like it! Happy New Year SG

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FDR said

Like it!

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Andrew Russe said

Where's the guitars? lol Much to my surprise... I really like this!!

Guest said


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thetworegs said

you can't beat a bit of synth madness....i mean it is Christmas........

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