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06-Trouble Comin' Down the Line


Had the blues in Alabama
Had the blues in Texas too
Had the blues all over
Now I ‘m givin’ em to you
And if you don’t want em
You know what you can do
You wont find me I’m goin’ ta run and hide away from you
Because I see trouble
Trouble comin’ down the line
Better get yourself together

Stop messin’ with my mind

Jump in the elevator
Go to the 13th floor
Met myself goin’ down so I knew I’d been there before
When I got there the devil said
Man you gotta go back down
So I flipped him off, turned around
Then I heard this sound

It was the sound of a slide guitar

He was playin’ soft and slow
He said you better get your things together
‘Cause there’s trouble on down the line

©Kavin Allenson 2011

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