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Over the Embers (remix)

Keith Landry


When I sent this song off to Jim, he sent back tracks for a second rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and drums. Bass soon followed, and Kavin’s slide dropped in nicely. Just thought I’d let y'all have a listen to what came back to me from the world of MTC just days after I sent out my little chord progression suggestion.

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Endicott Road said

Excellent playing, sir. Very powerful song.

JamesRaimondi said

Nice playing here. I love instrumentals like done like this.

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

As Soon as the track kicked in I was Hooked!

This is Stunning!!


Guest said

Wow this is wonderful.

Guest said

Doesn’t it just go to show what a unique place alonetone is! This is such a tremendous track!

Guest said

Hello, Keith. I didnt miss this, my com was going thru some upgrades as well as my studio
and it took a bit to favor this excellent track. You are in good company.Good Band indeed. Faved even though it will displace my K.A. tune (Smile)

A Bit More Better Productions said

this is so beautiful. sheer lush. nice work fellas

Guest said

Gorgeous Keith!

Guest said

This is right up my gypsy alley. Er…maybe that came out wrong.

Lady Jane said

I could listen to this forever - it takes me places :) x

Johnny Stone said

This is one cool track mate

Guest said

It was just getting real interesting and…

Letter Seventeen said

Excellent work, gentlemen.

Djörk said

nice version, sounds good

Norm said

The drums do work here.

Guest said


kavin. said

Cool. In many ways I like this one better. Not so much ME, and Jim does some lead. Nothing against Norm, but the drums work better here and seem to propel the song more.

Movement To Contact said

Great job on the mix Keith!!! I love how this version came out too! It’s stange because when I tried to mix in Kavin’s guitar with everything it did not sit as well in the mix! I might need to work up a hip hop version too !! hahaha.

Keith Landry said

For Jim’s mix (and some drums by Norm (how many hands does that guy have?!?!) head on over here: http://alonetone.com/mtcband/tracks/over-the-embers

kirklynch said

Outstanding work gents!

another cultural landslide said

Oooo…you had me 5 seconds in! Fabulous! w;-)

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