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Keith Landry

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Just another entry from the old Garageband experiments.

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Andrew Russe said

Not sure how I got here... but yeah, this is WAY cool. And yes, I can hear those piano runs... I THINK I'd have recognised them if you hadn't said... but it saves me wondering later (when we're trying to decide what to watch) why I'm suggesting Thomas Crown Affair!

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Breaking Light said

Keith this is cool

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kirklynch said

Very cool one Keith!

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Wildgeas Music said

Real cool the way you piece these together.

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corbinSound said

awesome guitarwork!

Guest said


Guest said

Very cool! Sounds masterful! (I must look in to Garageband!)

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, im not sure what you mean by gband experiments,, is this all written and done on pc? however it's done it sounds pretty good,, and yes the piano at 1:30 ish is very cool

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate dig it.

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Keith Landry said

Just some more drop and drag... Personally, I'm addicted to the little "Thomas Crown-ish" piano runs at around 1:30.

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