K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions

from STUDIOLOGY, United States

About "Sam"

Sam was a very articulate and kind friend; he spend way too much of his life in a wheel chair and yet demonstrated a lot of grace.

We lost him just over a year ago.

Among many other unexpected, Christ-like kindnesses, he realized at one point that I was discouraged and proceeded to commission a painting.

I should add that his story turns out to be a good allegory of an apparent lack of spiritual growth THOUGH - Sam maintained a beautiful openness to God and His Love. He received richly and fully so as to give in the same way -if from a seemingly perpetual state of debilitation. Sam somehow knew this was not quite the ‘end of the story.’

(Let’s say it together: ‘Help me be more like Sam.’)

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