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Sam was a very articulate and kind friend; he spend way too much of his life in a wheel chair and yet demonstrated a lot of grace.

We lost him just over a year ago.

Among many other unexpected, Christ-like kindnesses, he realized at one point that I was discouraged and proceeded to commission a painting.

I should add that his story turns out to be a good allegory of an apparent lack of spiritual growth THOUGH - Sam maintained a beautiful openness to God and His Love. He received richly and fully so as to give in the same way -if from a seemingly perpetual state of debilitation. Sam somehow knew this was not quite the ‘end of the story.’

(Let’s say it together: ‘Help me be more like Sam.’)

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thetworegs said

excellent delivery great track well told story

tedsink said

Very moving. Powerful without being cloying.

March Rain said

Very cool. I like your vocals. Thanks for listening.

communitytrees said

great song man

Guest said

elegance indeed

James Michael Taylor said

So glad you kept it simple…a touching tribute.

glu said

wow, really like this tune! lovely vox and melody

Guest said

Immortalised. Well done. :)

Guest said


yahondu said

thanks Kev for this moving tribute to our dear friend. Sam, you touched my life more than you ever knew…

Guest said

What can I say except you obviously miss Sam very much and have expressed it in this beautiful song.

yahondu said

like the haunting feel to this one

Gumbo said

Intriguing track. Lovely mix, Scot - Wow! I love the way it keeps coming round - Great.

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