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Forty Days

Letter Seventeen

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Trying to be a better man.

Featuring the vocal talents of Clarke McMurray.

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Norm said

Great work with this one!

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Clarke McMurray said

Hi Tim! :) This tune is how I met you! Still love it.

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Endicott Road said

Love the harmonies the most on this one. The guitar work was good, too. ER

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The Jet-Black Project said

This may by my favorite track on this album. It's so Zepplinesque. A totally different color from the rest of the tracks. Nice singing too.

Guest said

Distilled1 says/ Beautiful! love the song, love the lyrics and love the difference in the lead and backing vocals! there is a definite style /sound difference and it really makes this song shine!

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The Missed Connections said

love the guitars, love the voices.

Guest said

excellent track.

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Sandy Gritt said

excellent acoustic sound...sweet vocals - bg vocal works wonderfully.

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Gumbo said

I'm just back to add this to my RPM Faves Playlist this song is perfect.

Guest said

Outstanding vocal. Wonderful track.

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