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Johnny Remember Me

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This started sounding quite Nick Caveish and at the same time I wanted to do something with Joe Meek; so it’s a murderballad-variation on Johnny Remember me. There’s stylophone and theremin in there. The theremin is quite effective at some points and terribly off at others. I should have done some more takes but there just wasn’t time left at that point.

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Sister Savage said

One of my ultimate alonetone faves. Tarantino needs to hear this.

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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant mix mate great vocals. Don't worry mate I'll remember You.

Guest said

Fantastic track, brilliant, amazing.

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Gumbo said

Missed this. Bravo!

Guest said

Yeah, I really love this. Awesome. If I ever get round to compiling my favourite favourites, this is right up there. Thank you!

Guest said

How did I miss this?! Fantastic! Love the style - music and vocal. Big time faved!

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ShamPain said

Great sound is it one of the Ralph Harris things.

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Black Pepper Sea said

Super cool - I love the "Telstar" organ sound and the morose lyrics - great vocals too!