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…is a Dutch word and it’s the name of the dam/road going from the province Friesland to North-Holland (and Amsterdam) The lyrics are about a 15-year old boy who feels so trapped in the boring Frisian town he’s living in that he decides to just ride his bicycle out of Friesland. It’s sort of a romantic image of little me in the 80’s.

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate very cool.

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Bryan Baker said

Other People is the 2009 album by Amsterdam artist monopoli, created in February in conjunction with activities. While you might anticipate that an album created in one month might sound a bit rushed or incomplete, you would be very wrong in this case. monopoli's style takes nods from bands like Squeeze, XTC, Crowded House, etc. The arrangements are complex and full of progressive sonic candy and kitchen sink timbres. Catchy vocal hooks and beautiful harmonies too. There are several instrumentals mixed in that stretch out melodically, exploring an impressive breadth of territory. This is one great album!

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etsiegel said

nice...unexpected...great sound and the change in rhythm at "I'm stuck" really nice. XTC! E

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TheRoyalrey said

this is great!

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justmerritt said

well done on the tempo change. its hard to make that smooth, but it worked.

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another cultural landslide said

Yeah - Yeah - Yeah!

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OHHO said

wow, that was great, very Simon and Garfunkel.

Guest said

Wow !!! This one jumps out and screams BEATLES to me. It has that feel.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

what a great track to kick off with. Love everything about it.. not sure I've heard your stuff before. So catchy, makes you want to listen to more. Which is what I'm gonna do now. :)

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uglifruit said

Apoloigies, I didn't log in. Just saying this song is great. It reminds me of the Kinks - which is A Good Thing.