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Mondrian is Boogie Woogying again

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The Dutch painter Mondrian was apparantly a fervent dancer to Boogie Woogie and that image stuck because he seems such a stiff guy otherwise. So I thought that would make a funny subject for a dance-tune. Normally I wouldn’t make a song about a painter because it tends to get pretentious quickly but you should view this more in the same tradition as Boney M making a discotune about Rasputin.

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Sandy Gritt said

Crazee cool...angular and the moog sounds! This is awesome dude!

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ShamPain said

you got to love the minimalists

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

He is indeed; I'm the bettry for it. Thanky WOW; Yeah. ['hoaryzontal']

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brando said

This song refuses to leave my mind. Thank God it's so good.

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justmerritt said

it takes a lot to catch my musical focus and you've done it. is this a band or solo?

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Vinyette said

Sweet sounds!

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glu said

yeah, this one really grooves! nice work.

Guest said

This one caught me off guard in an enjoyable way. Really catchy!

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Circuit Tree said

it just keeps getting better!