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PARA (Hidden Track from new album- "Black cat"

Tharek Ali Mokbul

A Song I wrote about a friend of mine who used to Jump out of planes a lot.

This is one of the hidden tracks on my new album “Black Cat” which features Beth, Keith and Reewfwalker from alonetone and Geir and Jim from Songcrafters.

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Latest Comments

Johnny Stone said

This is brilliant mate very cool indeed.

Keith Landry said

Man, this is way too good.

Vestigial Remorse said

Nice song! I dig the energy

Guest said

Passion is your middle name !!! what a cracker ! very soulfull and full of energy ..

Reefwalker said

I like the percussion filling in on this song, really glues it together. The violin is fantastic.

Guest said

Great tune! I really dig the sound of it! Great great track!

Keith Landry said

Wow… Outstanding arrangement. I’m always floored by the perfect acoustic guitar on these tracks, and the violin (and other instruments) fill this tune out beautifully!

lumberfork said

Everything you put together is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Berry said

Captivating T-man…….wonderful

Guest said

Such a lovely piece of music.
Had me enthralled!

Movement To Contact said

Yep two listens in and still love it. Better try three… :)

Movement To Contact said

Amazing track! Love this one man!

thetworegs said

A real nice feel…i agree with the others

Defender Of The People said

nice feel

Sandy Gritt said

Really nice feel to it. Who played what?

Norm said

Strong work brother!

Guest said

Just checked out your album - look forward to listening fully later. Brilliant cover art and an impressive line up. Great stuff, Tharek.

Really digging this hidden gem - love the feeling.

Guest said

luv da fiddle.

Breaking Light said

Nice violin and a bit of Latin vibe.

kirklynch said

Very cool! Love the violin work!

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