Mr M

Mr M

from Lakenheath, United Kingdom

Comments on Mr M's stuff

Greg Connor
Greg Connor said

Pretty Song!

Howard R Music
Howard R Music said

Very catchy tune.

Movement To Contact
Movement To Contact said

Agreed…he is one for you to check out ;)

Movement To Contact
Movement To Contact said

No apologies needed, just do your own thing. ;)

Jeffrey Alan Dbury
Jeffrey Alan Dbury said

Cool tunes! I like this one best. Cool original sound!

Johnny Stone
Johnny Stone said

Nice one

thetworegs said

Good one….

Gumbo said

Wicked harmony! makes a nice song special!

Gumbo said

Great drum guitar sound. Solid. The vocal is a little swamped but what the hell - rockin’

Cave Street
Cave Street said

nice one!

Tipu said

Great stuff. Sounds very natural, amazing its just you making the whole thing, given the progressions in all the instruments.

Lady Jane
Lady Jane said

Mellow - I like this :)