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Breaking Arrows (elusive gene cover with Alex Moody)


Sassy Nation version!

Sister Savage and Mr Sandbags collaborated on the original of this wonderful heartbreaker of a song. I’ve been playing it on the guitar the last few days and it always seemed to come out with a grittier tone, so i asked if i could cover it.
Alex Moody (in the early hours of this very morning) gave exactly the right organ sound on the very vague instructions that it had to sound like the soundtrack to “The Harder They Come”. Which track off the soundtrack? All of them. Oh. OK.
Alex also contributed that lovely wha guitar and managed to cope with my wacky sense of timing in the early part of the song.
Lyrics and chords ©2011 Savage and Mower

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Latest Comments

fudgetusk said

good voice, guitar and tune.

World War Nine said

Creaky ol’ Wurlitzer warm & inviting

Gumbo said

.. and so you should, Tess. the pair of ye came up with a cracking tune that was a joy to cover.

Guest said

I feel proud every time I hear this. x

Mr M said

I love your style - great voice too.

Cave Street said

Nice version guys, great vocals, Stu! I’d like to hear more of your interpretations of alonetoner material.

thetworegs said

Love it

Movement To Contact said

Yep…I missed this…nope I am not happy about it…Yep I love it…

vaisvil said

Hi, my 17 guitar is 17 equally spaced notes to the octave. So it has 5 extra frets. I tune it like a regular guitar with small adjustments to take into account the different fret placements.

you can find pictures of the guitar here

Johnny Stone said

Wow great cover of a great song dig it. Nice guitar mate.

Guest said

Lovely song Gumbo, great vocals!

-t. said

yea, only my so-called Ella sux!
really really love so much of your music btw.

rob mills said

Great cover, Stu. Love the multitracked vocals.

Guest said

I wonder if I’ll ever get over the thrill of hearing you sing my lyrics! Huge thanks, Gumbo.

Dirty Spirits said

love the energy. very well done.

richardlaceves said

well well done,,,

Letter Seventeen said

This is why we love Stu. Great work all around.

Dirty Spirits said

this is great. more harmonies. please.

Reefwalker said

great cover Gumbo, a completely different feel which is always a plus on covers.

Guest said

Nicely done Gumbo. I like your style!


hojorising said

Very cool song, well done!

Guest said

Rendering a great song into your own style, brilliant man!

Norm said

There are lots of reasons to love this. I’d list them, but it’s already obvious to all, and I’m too busy listening to this gem…

Guest said

Oh do one of mine, do one of mine, this is a great cover of a beautiful song.

Keith Landry said

Love the cover!!! Loved the original… Much love all around!

Mr Sandbags said

Our first cover version & I’m blown away. Love your take on it! As m'colleague says…

Guest said

Cover versions always completely thrill me. It’s like someone genuinely didn’t think your song sucked. I love this - have added it to my re-imaginings playlist. But actually I started this comment to agree with Regs, so to get to the point, your vox sound amazing.

Guest said

It’s an honour to be gumbo'ed! We will get you back!

Fabulous, guys!

thetworegs said

Hell of a voice nice organ great guitar love the backing vocal all in all a great cover ….

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