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Time Bomb

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You may be shocked to learn that I own a Rickenbacker 360 and I love R.E.M.

Intro/verses: G-C-Am7-Cmaj7
Chorus: Em-G-C-D
Bridge: Fmaj7-C/G-Em

What if you found you had
Your own time bomb
Never sure if and when
It could go off
Safe again
At least for today
As for tomorrow
No one can say

And I try so hard some times
To make it through the night
And I try so hard some times
To get the words out right
If I try too hard some times
It’s only just because
I want to be the one
You turn to

Could you face it down?
Look it in the eye
The face you see
Staring back at night
The thought that this
Could be the final day
And if it was
What would you say?


I can stare it down
I can stare it down
If I have to
I will stare it down
I will stare it down
I will stare it down for you



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The Rose Serum Sextet's avatar
The Rose Serum Sextet said

This reminds of so many good songs, I don't no where to start. Great tune! Love it.

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Instant fave! w;-)