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With Mr Sandbags (beats and reichatron), as band “Elusive Gene”.

Played on BBC Radio Introducing. :)

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pharmakeus said

I am slightly reminded of Kate Bush now :) Does everybody in Cornwall have such a wise and beautiful soul?

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thetworegs said

Nicely Done.....and deep too...Bravo!!

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slkrell said

And I make it ten......: I love it

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Gary Fox said


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willis said

Hey, this is really cool! A great balance of rhythm, pads and that mysterious voice of yours!

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Jefferson Cole said

Really nice work ! Beautiful voice. Nice production !

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Johnny Stone said

Wow this is a top mix

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Wildgeas Music said

I could listen to this tune all freakin' day. Such a golden hook.

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Wildgeas Music said

Great vocal melody.

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kirklynch said

This one too!

Robert James's avatar
Robert James said

I love everything about this song.