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With JS Tolar, as band Visions Of Nell.

My tribute to Anne Boleyn, the first queen to be publicly executed in England. I used some of the poetry she wrote during her imprisonment in the chorus. An innocent, incomparable woman.

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pharmakeus said

Is that you on guitar?

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pharmakeus said

OMG. You have such a beautiful voice. But you also know how to use it expressively. I am dying of envy! The music is sophisticated and powerful, it reminds me slightly of Bjork :) You are amazing

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angie fights crime said

you're an angel.

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Colleen Dillon said

Just heard this one for the first time. Wow! This is so beautiful. What a great concept for the song as well. I love it when the heavy guitars come in! Such a cool counterpoint to your superb vocals

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johnbsteele said

It's special when you hear 'new' music and it speaks to you. Luv ur music !

Guest said

I'm just listening through some of your music again. Very good. great range.

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Andrew Russe said

:) xxx

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Jefferson Cole said

Beautifully haunting !

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lux lucis said

Your voice is beautiful. The music is perfect. Excellent.

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Andrew Russe said

:) x

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Johnny Stone said


Guest said

some heads are gonna roll...

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kirklynch said

Damn- I had forgotten just how good this is!

Guest said


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Wildgeas Music said

I'm still Casting RED!!

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Wildgeas Music said

I love you guys.

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willis said

Well done song Peppermint. Good vocal! Nice surprise around 2:00 with the drums and guitar. A bit of guitar shredding going on here - contrasts nicely with the rest of the song.

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slkrell said

Sweet love a historical theme. ; Oh hell brillient

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odh said

Blimey. That certainly kicks some butt! It's nice someone's finally done a tribute to Anne Boleyn.

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Breaking Light said

One of my faves from y'all.

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Endicott Road said


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vaisvil said


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Sister Savage said

It's Josh Tolar, Reg. He's a bit good. ;)

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A Bit More Better Productions said

Chorus dunt arf stick this one. And the solos flimmin mental

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thetworegs said

Great vocal as sure i remember this one.....Who's on guitar that is a beauty of a solo

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Gary Fox said

Hey, this one kept surprising me with the twists. Love it...

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Andrew Russe said

I listen to this quite often - spose I better listen to it again now! You knows I loves it, don't yer? :-)