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This one almost got abandoned, I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with it.

It started as I was looking for a sound for another track (which really isn’t getting anywhere) and I came across a chime sound that I thought would be lovely with a simple beat.

It was, but it was all a bit plain. So I started layering more types of chime sounds. All based on a few chords I picked up learning Philip Glass Metamorphosis One in my piano lessons.

The beat is made with Stylus, the sounds Omnisphere, and everything else is pretty much an all-Audio Damage show this time Replicant and Dubstation taking centre stage. This is one track where I found that Eos, in whatever configuration, overdid it.

The whole thing was arranged in Logic at 88bpm.

Uploaded .

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Guest said

The mannequins! They’re ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mmi said

Never throw anything you’ve created away.

I’ve come close and always been happy about keeping stuff later.

As to this track, supercool. Especially when that buzzy thing comes sweeping through. Awesome.

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glu said

whew, good thing you kept this one. I like the chime.