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Being as I am in something of a musical trough of despair (it’s not as much fun as it sounds) right now I thought I’d try messing with my TMA-2 Reaktor instrument and try and coax some better results from it.

From a promising beginning TMA-2 has become something of a problem: How do I make it into something more than a curio? Can it be something more than a machine for making random, largely-unmusical, noises?

I took some steps towards that by adding more direct controls for length and pitch range. I recorded a few pieces and found that I could begin to give them some “shape” to them by varying the range of pitches to include or exclude higher pitches. Varying the length control had a less obvious effect.

I’ve now started thinking about possibly adding key-tracking for pitch control. Beyond that I think it needs some kind of filtering and then I’m not sure.

Anyway of the flotsam and jetsam that I made tonight this was my favourite few minutes. I think because there seemed to be some short “movements” that were quite pleasing. It was made using a sample map containing flute & pizzicato violin samples.

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Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Very cool sounds mate.

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lick lichens said

howzers, love it all. uber visual without handrails

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bigguitarbrad said

In a very good way this conjures up mid fifties Japanese short films. A bulldozer dragging a reluctant refrigerator through the dump. Seagulls argue over someone’s sandwich and a young boy rides his bicycle as if he were on a magical horse. (all shot in grainy black and white on somebody’s Mom’s super-eight.
Thanks Mr. Bagszins

somno project's avatar
somno project said

great work sandbags,

Guest said

very extraterrestrial! nice work.

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Wildgeas Music said

I think you got something to work with here. It put me in a trance. Day dreaming sort of thing. Cool sounds Mr. Bags.

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Alister Flint said

well, highly experimental, no doubt about that; and it does carry some underlaying structure. not quite steady though, but it is there, yes. - and overall, it has a very interesting contemporary flavor..