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Metaphysical Beat 2e

This is a remix of my earlier track Metaphysical Beat 2. In fact it’s the 4th remix but the first one I’m really happy with. I even found myself trying to dance along to this when I was done and that’s when I knew it was right (for me anyway!)

Hopefully more careful EQ and the addition of the Moog style AD 914 Fixed Filter Bank have tamed some of the high frequency stuff coming out of Metaphysical Function.

I’ve added a bass part (from Omnisphere), a bit more kick (using Stylus RMX), some more filtering (Volcano), and a few gremlins in the rhythm (Replicant). The bass part could be better I think but it’s still an area I know precious little about so I was happy enough with it for a 1st go.

It’s unusual for me to come back to a track once I’ve moved on but I did feel this one was unfinished business. I’m pretty happy with the results but would love to hear what you think about it and how it compares with the original.

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kirklynch said

Yeah- groovin’ indeed! Like it!

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glu said

the new additions are great! definitely groovin’ there!