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I set myself the challenge of making a track this evening. I’ve uploaded it with 2 minutes to spare.

I started out with a wind chime instrument in Kontakt. I sequenced it using the PX-18 sequencer and then fed three different version of it through Yottskry (a granular instrument I built in Reaktor). Then I layered the original and the granular processed versions and added some Eos reverb.

Then I created a number of audio loops by sequencing (again using the PX-18 from Max4Live) various different Alchemy choir sounds until I had about 10 loops. Then I spent some time feed these loops, 3 at a time, them through Yottskry. I also had a sample of some radio traffic as the 4th source in Yottskry.

Again, when it came to arrangement, I layered the processed output from Yottskry over the original loops.

Finally I added a laid back beat, using Stylus-RMX, which helped to glue things together. I used RMX chaos designer and some delay to keep it interesting.

Once I had the basic track laid out I didn’t do very much arrangement, mainly level adjustment and fades. Then I added some compression & limiting and bounced it.

The basis of the sound was really the wind chime which I tuned down to octave 0 to get it something like an underwater bell. It’s a sound I really love. I wanted to use the Alchemy choir material again and it naturally seemed to gravitate towards the sinister. They seemed to blend well.

I think it came out pretty good.

Uploaded .

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launched's avatar
launched said

Incredible ventriloquism. The crispies kept me looking up and all around. Ah, I sound weird…

sinuata's avatar
sinuata said

Very nice; I think this is my favourite track on this album!

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Johnny Stone said

This is way cool mate great sounds magic. And thanks for your comments mate.

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dAb said

Ear candy par excellence! Captivating stuff!

Guest said

This begins with an impressionable young man, looking for strange and exotic flowers on the sea bed. He’s new to these waters and is taking chances in darker depths. His mind begins to drift as he dares himself deeper…does he begin to see a city in the watery landscape? Mermen - flying about on underwater jetbikes with beautiful sea goddesses, drenched, but holding on to their blue/grey torsos? The lost bell chimes as he catches his breath…will he ever return to the surface?

Guest said

PFC! Pretty Fuckin’ Cool.

Guest said

great FN sounds. Completely awesome! I really like the wind chime too