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We’re deep in the glitch mines again.

This time with a beat developed in Stylus RMX, a “melody” using Soniccouture Skiddaw stones and Tonehammer Frendo, and a bass from Soniccouture Abstrakt Bass.

The beat was fed through The Finger with one programmed MIDI sequence from Elysium. The melody was fed through a different instance of The Finger using a separate Elysium sequence.

The whole was mixed together somewhat in haste.

Update: In fact mixed in considerably more haste than I’d realized. I had to go out so I just listened to the first minute, which sounded okay, uploaded then left.

Not realizing that the entire second half of the track was totally b0rked. I’ve uploaded a new version. It still needs some work, some of the glitches are feeding back too much. But this one is much better and, in particular, you don’t lose the drums for the last 2 minutes!

Uploaded .

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mmi said

No idea how I missed this before but holy moly it’s great. I have a vision of robot glitch miners line dancing :-)

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hrae said


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Johnny Stone said

Cool sounds mate

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Mr Sandbags said

Uploaded a new version which fixes the drums although there’s still a feedback problem (related to MIDI timing I think) that needs to be fixed in a final mix.

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Mr Sandbags said

Okay this is the problem with mixing being “throw a mastering channel strip on it, bounce, upload”. At some point about the 2 minute mark the drums track have cut out - probably overloaded Reaktor again. So then you get 2:30 that is largely just the bass.

Guest said

This is some crazy glichin’ ride! Love that pulse beat!

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glu said

DAMN. This one is bitchin/glitchin’ – Nailed it.

Guest said

I think I’m starting to get the idea of glitching is… heheh nice.