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Never Tell

Mr Sandbags

Honestly I have no idea where this came from or how.

I was messing with Omnisphere patches and came across a lovely, flutey, breathy sound that put me in mind of the scenes inside the monolith at the end of 2001. I setup a Rytme pattern to play it.

Then I came across this buzzing insectivoid noise that got into my head, so I use Rytme to layer this in.

Then I came across this twisted, febrile, sound like my mind being stretched to fit over a Mobius strip. Elysium turned out to be better for generating a pattern for this.

But it needed something rhythmic to hang on. I used Stylus RMX to generate a beat. Using chaos designer and an edit group to echo the snare only. I couldn’t decide if it sounded better in front or behind. I’m not sure how well that part works.

I’ve used a little bit of Audio Damage Replicant and Expert Sleepers Little Spacey but they’re (for me at least) relatively subtle effects on this track.

In a sense this track is a bit of a sketch really. I had it in mind to bounce the Omnisphere parts and chop them up and re-use them to create a better arrangement and the beat clearly needs work. But it’s more my style right now to move on.

Let me know what you think!

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