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angel delight - by the true flies


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angel delight

as soon as i awoke i ran downstairs to my laboratory
to see what my strange attractor had brought me
at first it had been disappointing: a few wisps of smoke
some sea-shells and butterfly wings
but this time i found something i had wanted so much
i’d scarcely dared to believe it possible
it was an angel, yes, an angel
a fucking angel standing in front of me

it stood before me, luminous, naked
unbearably beautiful
i stood before it, naked, ugly
overwhelmed with shame and delight
it looked around the laboratory with an expression of compassion
and spoke in a voice like a mountain walking:
oh my children, my poor, beautiful
stunted, glorious children

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sluggthesickpuppy said

thank you kindly, graham guest

Guest said

An angel! A fucking angel! 😊🥢

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Jason Earls said

Very cool!

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thetworegs said

What a real F>€#?ing Angel?

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David Toy said

Great song!!

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Songs From Nowhere Project said

That is awesome!

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Fyrce Muons said

Excellent tune.

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