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The Flying Bear

Soulstice Music

The Flying Bear features a nice fusion of funk and rock that leaves the listener both satisfied and excited. An experimental vibe is very prominent during the song’s bridge, and the entire song can be rooted back to Soulstice Music’s Red Hot Chili Peppers influence, as well as Incubus, and a multitude of other bands.

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Guest said

cool sound. especially the guitar sound

crissew said

Cool to see soomone on here that is fairly close to my area. Cool RHCP vibe here.

Movement To Contact said

thanks for the listen ;)


Great work. Looking forward to more!
Welcome to Alonetone


Mannequin Races said

Pretty slick. Nice soulful and groovy. Cool bass line. Definitely a RHCP flair to this. Love the guitar shimmers.

Guest said

yeahhhhhh you really got something of the RHCP sounds…cool!

Richard Hardrick said

Yeah! More please :)

Guest said

Great sound. It reminds me of Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with Cake. Sounds like a sweet and spicy treat.

Guest said

Very cool sounds here.

Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate.

Movement To Contact said

Sweet groove.

Project Ungidos said

The best song… very cool

vaisvil said

nice groove!

Guest said

nice stuff!

Esoteric Fool said

Nice! Love the vocals.

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