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David DeSoto is on the upright bass fiddle.

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Pat Bondy said

Just lovely! Downloading and playing on repeat for a while...

Guest said

hi you are very good artist

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Gregg Pepitone said

as with some of the other tracks I've listened to--very intriguing,imaginative and inovating. nice guitar in this one--takes you away...nice

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Lil' mar mar said

i really enjoyed the meloncollie wisdom in your voice. nice track

Guest said

i dunno why but this reminds me of being kids again...

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Dave Berry said

sounds real good, dynamite songwriting

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Sandy Gritt said

beautiful arrangement...class all the way.

Guest said

how did I miss this one? wow

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brando said

It's been too long since I've settled into a Sudara album. I heart every song.

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glu said

woah I remember an earlier version of this one! This is gorgeous. The instrumentation is perfect.

Guest said


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maxthesax said

Good stuff, you got soul man!

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eshar said

This reminds me of Bob Dylan...except you have a better voice. A very cool track indeed.

glu's avatar
glu said

Bravo! Damn this is poignant! Great work. Very 'raw' emotions.

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