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Funky Dancing on my own

Reg has been up to his womanizing ways and has ended up dancing on his own. reg came up with another great funky tune and Reg had to jump all over again. Hope you Funk IT………

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Guest said

I’ve never seen anyone dance like that before without throwing their hip out of joint…. well, except Elvis.

Guest said

I still remember seeing you on the dance floor this night. I had never seen anyone dance like that before without throwing their hip joint out of socket. And I’ve never seen so many ridiculous girls dance with one man at the same time - well, except in old Elvis movies. It was really quite shameful behaviour Reggie…

Guest said

all good music, funkylicious with good groove!

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Guest said

I likte this rhythm!

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eshar said

Well you just knew that I would love this funkiness…plus I often dance on my own :)

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Norm said

instantly stikes the bait, swallows deeply for the gut hook - can’t help myself Bethan: It is asking too much to expect either Reg to behave himself. Funkmasters, by definition, can’t behave. Now this is just perfect. Funk is what you were born to do. Please provide much more like this.

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vaisvil said

and - you are on a roll!!

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vaisvil said

man you got soul!! Are there really two Regs?

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rob mills said

Cambridge UK or US? Still a good reggae scene in UK city. This funks like a mother! Right up my street.

Guest said

Yep, all funked up now. Why doesn’t Reg just behave himself?