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Artist’s description:
Music composed by Chris Vaisvil, Mike Barry, lyrics Chris Vaisvil. This was performed live and recorded on a reel to reel in a basement. Its over 20 minutes at 64kbps. Two electric guitars, keyboards, and drums. Our contribution to the progressive rock so popular at the time. You have the mono lofi version. and yes - we were pretty young back then….

Mike Barry Keyboards and vocals
Evan Harrington Electric Guitar
Mosan Davonipor Drums
Chris Vaisvil Electric Guitar and vocals

Year: 1976
A lot of science fiction

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Music - Chris and Mike
Lyrics- Chris

Mosan - drums
Mike - keys, vocals
Evan - 2nd guitar
Chris - Lead, 1st guitar, vocals

Caution he cried
As a man stepped to the front
And he stopped
A gun, he died
As a man fell to the ground
And he stopped

Growing slowly with fear
Darkness is coming near
Trying to see the past
The future has gone too fast

Spinning inside a glass
Fiction and diction ran past
Trying to see the past
I’m aware at last

Collide with reality
and it takes your breath
brings you death
to stay, to stay

Slowly, quietly I see
A spark of humanity
Colors are rushing past me
In a cold vast sea

want to be free
and it makes you cry,
want to die
Oh why? Oh why?

Society’s mark is carved on your sweaty forehead
As you try to run away from what you dread
You’ve got to know, know who you are
Pay for your crime, arrested you in a local gay bar
You’ve run out of time,
You’ve run out of time!

Officer Olsen,
The prisoner’s been arraigned
The law he couldn’t escape
The psychiatrist
Said this man’s deranged

To society he couldn’t relate
Oh what a fate
He couldn’t relate
Couldn’t relate
Oh what a fate
Couldn’t relate

Courtroom silence
Jury casts fear
As the hanging man
Steps too near
A mercy to the boy
It appears
Death is laughing,
Laughing here

Is it a dream?
Will someone say it is?
I don’t understand,
It wasn’t me
It wasn’t me x9

Touch my hand,
Am I alive or dead?
I don’t believe it all
I pray I’m laying in bed x2
In bed
I pray I’m laying in bed

I don’t
Want your ooo society!
You said I wan’t in it anyway!
I don’t
Want your ooo reality!
I said it wasn’t me,
me that day!

Where were you?
Aloft in a cloud
How dared you?
It wasn’t too loud
My eyes close now
My body hangs free
But I am somehow
With no life, life, life, life
life to see
But I am!

Another world,
Another life
Had a baby
Didn’t need a wife

Patterns repeat
Life’s no thrill
As we walk a military drill

Sidewalks sparkle with glittering stones
Causing life to find some other home

(sorry can’t make it out,
but I think you get the picture)

Suicide jackels laughing at me
My only love is the devil’s putrid kiss!

Transposed to a different key!
And I see a gun,
Pointing at me,
Oh No! Oh No!

He cried
As a man stepped to the front
He stopped…

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Reefwalker said

epic 20 min recording. Anyone who played in the 80's can see though the familiar low-fi tape contribution. Its almost, nostalgically better in a the change ups at 5:20 - 6:10 etc.

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Norm said

My favorite parts are when you drop back into 6/8 meter like at 20 mins.

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Norm said

*holds up lit lighter* You + Mike = always great.

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Newbold said

reminds me of a mixture of such a variety of songs.

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mmi said

/me smiles that wistful old man smile Good times.

Guest said

Had a few listens on TIS....lots of green spice and awesome sense of musicianship with the fellows!! Love it!!

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Movement To Contact said

killer....loved every minute of it.

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Movement To Contact said

Don't mind the sound quality, i have listened to a lot of reel to reel, and all of my begining recordings were done on a 4 track cassette recorder. Glad you posted this one. I'm digging it. Agree with Sis, about the 7 min mark it really starts to come together...;)

Guest said

What a gem.

Guest said

Progtastic! Love the whirling intro of the first track, and was gonna request breaking these gems down, but by 7 minutes I threw out that notion - the flow is awesome! The dreamy track at around 9 mins is just gorgeous! Lovely harmonies. Great musicianship, awesome writing!

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underwood said

bad sound but cool music!