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What makes us human [chillout]

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Whales's avatar
Whales said

Good stuff

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Movement To Contact said

Love this one....still.

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Cave Street said

Excellent track!

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

such nice tones!

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kirklynch said

That's a winner! Nice track!

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vaisvil said

Thanks for the listen and comment! Well, no, I was a short haired old man when that solo happened (anyone over 29 is old of course). I don't know what PiL means.

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mmi said


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Reefwalker said

really sink into it by :45 subtle change ups bringing me into several different cool rooms

Guest said

Wow, spacey and sublime! love the percussion and...well, love it all really! Awesome through headphones.

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Wildgeas Music said


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vaisvil said

excellent! I love the percs and the mix of elements in this!