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Ursa Minor: 3 Views

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gig rehearsal recordings edit.

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Oh that was yummy.

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Breaking Light said

Captgene: Line 6 DL4 delay modeler/Ibanez delay pedal, some looping in the third "view" with Boss RC20. Thanks for all the comments yawl.

Guest said

Great effects. Memoryman pedal?

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great stuff! This change at 4 minutes is really nice! Beautiful!

Noah and the Guardians of the Sky's avatar
Noah and the Guardians of the Sky said

nice sounds......

Guest said

Beautifully done piece from outer space. Perfect title. Conjours up all sorts of imagery.

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vaisvil said

excellent! and hello fellow ebower!

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underwood said

great delay sounds

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Mr Sandbags said

Wish I could come along to one of your rehearsals!