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Long After Midnight

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Timestretched acoustic guitar, cicadas.
A sonic tribute to Ray Bradbury, who turns 90 this Sunday.

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Tipu said

Wow, this reminds me of some epic sci-fi soundtracks, ala Hans Zimmer and occasionally Philip Glass

Guest said

very beautiful dark soundscapes

Guest said


Guest said

Beautiful Washes!!!

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mmi said

I happened to be in MD one summer when the 17 year cicadas came out to make their noise. Walking around I felt I was on the set of an old sci-fi flick set on an alien planet. This brought me back.

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Breaking Light said

@Mannequin Yes sampled the cicadas at daughters soccer practice. Found they are only active certain times of the day (8pm in this case). The sound they make is the embodiment of summer for me.

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Mannequin Races said

Love the cicadas in here! Did you sample those yourself? Awesome soundscapes. Otherworldly at times. This would be great for a cinematic piece!

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vaisvil said

Is this Paul's extreme stretch? Nice work!

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Breaking Light said

@sandbags thanks sir, I added some cicadas to the super slowed down guitar. Also new comment.

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Mr Sandbags said

This is another of those tracks where I look for the 'double favourite' button in vain.

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Mr Sandbags said

Oh you've outdone yourself this time. What a wonderful piece. By three minutes I was being propelled through the inky void towards unknown stars. I could have listened to this **forever**.

Guest said

Wow, very Valles Marineris. Tender, other-worldly sounds.

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Breaking Light said

@Widgeas, thanks to Sir Alfred for the tip.

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Wildgeas Music said

That's an acoustic? How do you do that?? Real cool sound. I need to listen to more Breaking Light.

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kirklynch said

What cool sounds! Wonderful!

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underwood said

great dark theme